What's new

2015-07-10 VidOn XBMC 14.2.1


1. Added 16:9/4:3 Video mode support
2. Added support to Video 3D mode: Side-by-Side, Top-Bottom
3. Added video mode: Side-by-Side will render as 3D, Top-Bottom will render as 3D
4. Fixed an issue where audio offset would not work
5. Fixed an issue where the buffer setting would not work properly
6. Fixed an issue where the "Play from here" feature would not work properly on Blu-ray files
7. Fixed a bug where subtitles always automatically played
8. Fixed an issue where the "Bookmark" feature would not function for Blu-ray folder files
9. Fixed an issue where the "Resume Play" feature would not function for Blu-ray and ISO files
10. Fixed a problem where external subtitles would not load properly when playing in Blu-ray menu mode
11. Fixed a problem where blue and green bars would appear at the top and bottom of the screen when playing Blu-ray files
12. Fixed an issue where xvid coded video would not playback
13. Added an option for user experience improvement program

2015-04-17 VidOn XBMC 10.0.0


1. Fixed an issue where 3D source would not playback properly on some 3D display monitors
2. Fixed a major audio/video sync issue
3. Optimized user login and membership system
4. Fixed an issue where DVD folder file would not playback properly
5. Added Thai language support

2015-01-24 VidOn XBMC 00.0.5


1. Support more video playback setting features
2. Fixed an issue where long path names and special characters in the path name prevented playback from working properly
3. Fixed an issue where certain SMB/NFS sources would not playback from certain NAS servers
4. Fixed an issue where exit XBMC may cause VidOn Media Center reset

2015-01-05 VidOn XBMC 00.0.4


Change Log:
1. Fixed: Stuttering issue in video playback
2. Fixed: Freezing issue when seeking in certain cases
3. Improved: Added VidOn XBMC Pro logo to distinguish between versions of VidOn XBMC

2014-12-12 VidOn XBMC 00.0.3


1. Improved buffering situation for 3D playback.
2. Improved playback stability.
3. Improved SMB function for much smoother playback.
4. Fixed a stuttering problem when mounting external subtitles.