Our developers have been working hard, combining their years of experience with VidOn's advanced home media server technology to bring you the new VidOn Server; a home media server tailored to you.

Greater Format Support

The VidOn Server now supports even more video file formats; never convert videos again for playback across different devices.

Optimized Stream

Our newly developed VMF (VidOn Media Format), optimized for home networks, reduces the packing cost and improves the transmission rate of video files.

Meta Data Collection

The VidOn Server supports meta data collection to automatically sort and categorize your media. No more complex media renaming and preparation.

Hardware Acceleration

By harnessing the power of the GPU, the VidOn Server reduces CPU usage freeing vital space for improved quality and stability during video playback.

Streaming Subtitles

The VidOn Server supports external and internal subtitles, and loading subtitles while playing. Subtitles are decoded separate of video files for improved loading and switching speeds.

Multiple Device Support

The VidOn Server supports streaming to multiple devices. By adjusting transmission rates based on the network environment and device, a smoother and higher quality playback is maintained.

Blu-ray Menu Navigation

The VidOn Cloud (VidOn Server client for Android boxes) can playback full Blu-ray menus to keep the original Blu-ray disc feel and allow for access to advanced disc content.

3D Playback

The VidOn Cloud (VidOn Server client for Android boxes) supports 3D playback for Blu-ray Folder files and 3D Blu-ray ISO files. High levels of quality are always maintained for these files during playback.


All feedback and suggestions from our customers will be carefully considered and implemented in every update and future release. By using a more complete feedback system we will design the VidOn Server around the needs of our customers.






Communicate directly with the developers to understand the needs of customers. Developers and Beta Testers will work closely to identify problems and determine solutions.

Complete feedback system

Beta Testers should review each update and provide feedback on the VidOn Forums, be aware of upcoming releases and ready to test new features, particularly those they have recommended.


We aim to create more and better features in our products and to offer a wider range of support to our customers. Our main goals for the VidOn Server are to develop complete server features and add a greater level of device support.

More Complete Server Features

Greater Device Support in the Future

Continued Optimization of All Server Features