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What is VidOn Membership

VidOn membership allows access to VidOn XBMC Pro's awesome list of advanced features and can greatly enhance your home's entertainment experience by turning your living room into a private theater. VidOn Membership also allows members to use the advanced features of the upgraded VidOn XBMC Pro across 5 devices simultaneously.

VidOn XBMC Pro contains all of the classic features of VidOn XBMC, along with Blu-ray menu navigation, HD audio passthrough and more. Subscribe now to VidOn Membership and begin your VidOn Experience today!

Starts from $3.99 | Free Trial

VidOn XBMC Pro Supported Chipset

Before purchasing a VidOn Membership subscription, please be sure that VidOn XBMC can run on your device. Supported chipsets list as follows:

Supported Device

More devices will be officially supported in the future

VidOn XBMC for A9 includes:

1. General VidOn XBMC features

2. Blu-ray Menu Navigation support

3. HD Audio Passthrough (Under development)

VidOn Membership Features

Subscribe to VidOn Membership; Experience the best of

VidOn Membership Features Subscriber Non Subscriber
Blu-ray Menu Navigation
Access to VidOn XBMC Pro
Access premium features across 5 devices.
HD Audio Passthrough
Access to VidOn Media Center Beta*
Access to VidOn XBMC*
Free XBMC Add-ons
Media Library Info Collection
Access Home Sharing Server
1080p Hardware Acceleration
Blu-ray ISO Playback
3D Blu-ray Playback
Firmware/Software Update Support
More Upcoming Features

*    Blu-ray menu navigation and other such exclusive features will be available only to our Membership Subscribers.



Membership Features

How to use your subscription

1. After subscribing to VidOn Membership, your registered account will have access to the advanced features of the VidOn Box, VidOn XBMC Pro and other VidOn products.

2. Each individual account will have access to VidOn XBMC Pro's advanced features across 5 devices.

3. Each subscription can be extended to lengthen access to the advanced features of VidOn XBMC Pro.

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Registered Users

Purchase VidOn Box

Login to VidOn Box

Apply the Card

Learn more through a detailed guide »

Active VidOn Box purchased from

1. Purchase the VidOn Box

Register a account and purchase a VidOn Box. After a successful purchase, A Top Up Card will be automatically added to your account.

2. Login to your VidOn Box

Power on your VidOn Box and complete the initial set up including logging in with your account.

3. Apply the Top Up Card

During the initial setup, you will be asked whether you want to use your Top Up Card, select yes to activate your new membership.

If you did not purchase VidOn Box from, please log in to your account, select the “Membership”, then "Subscribe Now" and enter the 12 digit code provided to you by your product dealer. You can also input the code directly on your VidOn Box.

Registered Users


Run VidOn XBMC

Login and Enjoy

VidOn XBMC users on devices

1. Subscribe to VidOn Membership

Log in to your account and go to the User Center, select the “My Membership” option followed by “Subscribe Now” and choose your plan and payment options.

2. Run VidOn XBMC

Run VidOn XBMC on your supported device.

3. Login and Apply

Log in to your account on VidOn XBMC and access all of the advanced features of VidOn Membership.

Membership Support

Please Visit our support center to view the FAQ section and a detailed subscription guide.