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The Best XBMC on an Android Box. Period.

The only Android-based XBMC on the planet which support Blu-ray menu navigation and Blu-ray 3D playback perfectly is the same XBMC you have never experienced. To learn about the full scope and awesome power of VidOn XMBC click below to learn more.

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VidOn Membership subscribers will have the standard VidOn XBMC upgraded to VidOn XBMC Pro version during their subscription period. With the VidOn subscription service comes the full range and potential of VidOn XBMC; the beauty and efficacy of our professional software will come to redefine the very nature of home entertainment.

Features VidOn XBMC VidOn XBMC Pro
Blu-ray ISO Playback
1080P Hardware Acceleration
DVD Menu Navigation
Access Home Sharing Server
3D Blu-ray ISO Playback
Update Support
OTA Update
Blu-ray Menu Navigation
HD Audio Passthrough

A VidOn XBMC Demo Version will be available soon. The Demo Version will come jam-packed with all of the fully functional features our consumers have come to expect and love, but will have a watermark and rolling text on screen during movies. The Demo Version will be final and no updates will be provided in the future. We want to offer our customers a chance to experience the complete range of VidOn products and to offer us valuable insight and feedback to better tailor the VidOn Experience to individual users.

VidOn Cloud for Android TV Boxes

Part of the new Media Server Toolkit from

A brand new Android Box Launcher/Media Player from VidOn is currently under development and available as a beta version on the VidOn Box. The beta version of VidOn Media Center will allow users to organize movies, videos and photos in smart and easy to manage categories like never before. Glide through your personal media collection with our newest media center for a more beautiful digital entertainment experience.

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VidOn Cloud TV Beta Features:

Multimedia Management

Sort and manage all of your multimedia content, and scrap online information like movie posters, plots, and cast lists etc, all automatically.

Play back Basically Everything

Play back basically everything you throw at it: from video to audio and all formats combined. And now it support external subtitles and image display.

Access VidOn Server

Freely access, view and share all of your digital media through the VidOn Server on the same LAN network.

Blu-ray Menu Navigation

The world’s only Android box with native Blu-ray menu support allows you to create a cinematic viewing experience at home.

3D Blu-ray Playback

Robust hardware decoding feature and smooth Blu-ray 3D playback place you in a totally immersive 3D environment.

Outstanding Audio Effect

AC3/DTS 5.1 SPDIF and DTS-HD/TrueHD HDMI passthrough output lets you enjoy lossless audio any time you like.

VidOn Cloud TV is still under development
VidOn Cloud is required to work in conjunction with VidOn Server as a personal home media server

VidOn Box

The Best Cost-effective Quad-core Android Box
With The Best Android XBMC In 1080P Output