VidOn Box

HardwareSoftware(VidOn Cloud, VidOn XBMC)Specification

Accurate to 0.1mm
Manufacturing Process

The pure aluminum shell of VidOn Box is completely processed by CNC machine tool with an astounding precision of 0.1mm. The wholly Japan owned OTAX, ensures the good quality of the shell of VidOn Box.

Sophisticated Process
Only for Simplicity and Elegance

An aluminum ingot, under several processes like extrusion, cutting, shaping, polishing, sand blasting, anodizing, etc., shows itself in front of you with delicate surface and perfect line. The low-key and luxurious rose gold of the body and the highlighted black of the polycarbonate back-end co-create the perfect simplicity and elegance. The simple words on the body sweetly indicate where all interfaces are.

Simple Structure, Never Simple Mission

The structure of VidOn Box is simple and solid. We constantly improve the structural design aiming to do our best to reduce cost on production and assembly so as to benefit users by charging less.

Quad-Core CPU, Eight-Core GPU

Quad-core ARM CPU, eight-core PowerVR GPU, strong power from strong core!
High-frequency 1GB DDR3 RAM, faster RAM with faster speed!
8GB large storage space, more space for more apps!
Black immersion gold board manufacturing process, perfect process brings perfect quality!

Rich Interface to Meet Your Diverse Needs

With optical output, any high definition audio can be output losslessly. You can also plug your hard drive into the USB port to play the high definition movies on the drive.

VidOn Box

The Best Cost-effective Quad-core Android Box
With The Best Android XBMC In 1080P Output