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What is the VidOn Box?

VidOn Membership

Multimedia Solutions


What is the VidOn Box?

Powered by our customized VidOn XBMC Pro and Android 4.4 OS, this Quad-core box brings you everything you expected from an Android Box… and more! Cut your cables and enjoy hundreds of movies and TV shows with countless free add-ons and apps. This is the professional home media center that replaces every HTPC by allowing you to stream and manage your entire media library.

VidOn Membership

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VidOn XBMC Pro


VidOn Membership

VidOn Membership is a key service that we offer to our customers which allows for a more features in XBMC and a greater access to their digital media. The VidOn Box comes with a free $15 value One-Year VidOn Membership service, which allows users to upgrade the custom VidOn XBMC to VidOn XBMC Pro version during the subscription period. In addition, Membership Subscribers can have access to VidOn XBMC Pro on 5 different devices.

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Our Multimedia Solutions

VidOn XBMC Pro

As a sponsor of XBMC – The most popular media center, we are dedicated to providing the best software for our Android box. The customized VidOn XBMC Pro features 1080P hardware acceleration and TrueHD/DTS-HD passthrough. It is also the one and only XBMC that supports full Blu-ray Menu Navigation. You can also easily and simply install tons of free add-ons to make the VidOn Box your very own personal home entertainment system.

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Video in Actions

View brief tutorials and reviews on the best features VidOn XBMC and the VidOn Box has to offer. Even more videos like these, along with user submitted videos, are available on YouTube, check them out! We will update the videos and provide new content periodically.

VidOn XBMC: 3D Blu-ray Playback and Settings

VidOn XBMC: HD Passthrough and Settings

VidOn XBMC: How to Add Media Source


All of your favorite apps in VidOn Media Center

Easily access all of your files in VidOn Media Center

Change your device settings easily in VidOn Media Center

The minimal and sleek video player in VidOn Media Center

VidOn XBMC is easy and fun to use

VidOn XBMC can categorize and manage all of your media

VidOn XBMC can playback anything, even ISO file menus

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VidOn Box

The Best Cost-effective Quad-core Android Box
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