Who We Are?

VidOn.me, aims at providing the world best home entertainment solutions. We help users manage all the multimedia resources at home, so that users can access and play them on devices like TV, PC, iMac, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, etc., in any corner of their home.

Products and Solutions We Provide

Currently, we have products as follows:

-- Android Blu-ray Box: a smart box running Andorid 4.2 system for DVD/Blu-ray/HD video playback, management of multimedia resources, online surfing, game playing, etc.

-- VidOn XBMC: world's first hardware decoding supported XBMC player for DVD/Blu-ray/HD video playback.

-- Remote: Control VidOn XBMC and XBMC 11/12 Media Player on iOS/Andorid device (Phone/Pad).

-- VidOn Server: Smartly manage all your multimedia resources and automatically transcode videos for your Phone, Pad, etc.

-- VidOn Player: Play videos in any format, play Blu-ray on VidOn Server, and access all shared resources in the same WLAN.