Support for VidOn XBMC

User Guide of VidOn XBMC

This manual is created to provide operation guide of VidOn XBMC. There are several important steps to get VidOn XBMC working properly in your room. This quick-start manual will get you up and running in the shortest time possible.

1. Get started

Click VidOn XBMC icon on the main interface of to get started.

2. VidOn XBMC

VidOn XBMC is designed to manage all your pictures, videos, movies and music.

2.1. Videos

This section covers topics and guides covering adding media source, playing videos/movies, deleting media source, and installing add-ons.

2.1.1. Add a Media Source

Go to “VIDEOS” -> “Files” -> “Add Videos…”

Then enter the paths or browse for the media locations.

Browse the media sources and choose one source you want to add in.

Click “OK” to the next step. You can change the name for this media source.

Choose a group/type for this media: Music videos, TV shows, Movies. Click “OK” to the next step.

And you’ll be prompted if you want to refresh info or not, choose “Yes”.

And you can view on the top of the screen that the media source is being scanned.

After the scanning process is finished, the new source is added in.

2.1.2. Play a Movie/Video

Choose a movie, and select view mode: Play main title, select from all titles or show Blu-ray menu.

During playback of the movie, you can hover the mouse on the screen to bring about the playback control panel, where you can do stop, pause, play, fast forward, fast rewind, etc. (Or you can use “Menu” button on the Remote.)

2.1.3. Delete a source

Choose the source, press “Menu” button on the Remote and navigate to “Remove source”.

2.1.4. Add-ons

Add-ons can be browsed and installed/uninstalled.

Go to “VIDEOS” -> “Add-ons” -> “Get More…” Choose the add-on you want to use.

2.2. Movies

The movie library allows the organization of your content by information such as recently added, sets, title, genres, years and actors.

2.2.1. Recently added

Select a movie, press “Menu” button, and you can play from here, mark as watched and more.

If you choose “Add to favorites”, you can enjoy the movie via the Star icon on bottom-left corner of the main interface of VidOn XBMC.

2.2.2. Others

You can view movies by sets, title, genres, years, actors. Select “Genres”, you will see all genres for all movies, just pick the one you would like to watch.

2.3. System

“SYSTEM” allows you to do settings about VidOn XBMC, check system info, etc.

Go to “SYSTEM” -> “Settings”, configure your add-ons, weather settings, pictures and more.

Go to “Settings” -> “System”, set video output, audio output, input devices and more.

3. Exit VidOn XBMC

Back to the main interface of VidOn XBMC, choose power icon in the bottom-left corner and select “Exit”.