Support for VidOn XBMC

General questions

  1. 1 How can I send a VidOn XBMC log file?
  2. 2 How can I upgrade VidOn XBMC?
  3. 3 How can I deinterlace videos in VidOn XBMC?
  4. 4 What should I do if VidOn XBMC says the region code is not correct?
  5. 5 How can I configure the subtitle/audio offset?
  6. 6 How can I disable subtitles?
  7. 7 Why don't audio output settings perform correctly when my android box is connected directly to my TV?
  8. 8 Why is there a black screen at the end of my videos after playback?
  9. 9 My VidOn XBMC is unstable, what should I do?
  10. 10 How can I enable Dolby Transcoding?
  11. 11 How can I configure the audio output mode of VidOn XBMC?
  12. 12 Does VidOn XBMC support Blu-ray Menu Navigation? If so, how can I configure Blu-ray Menu Navigation?
  13. 13 Does VidOn XBMC support 1080P video playback? If so, how can I configure 1080p playback?
  14. 14 Does VidOn XBMC support 3D playback? If so, how can I configure 3D playback?
  15. 15 What format of external subtitle files does VidOn XBMC Support?
  16. 16 Can I configure the font, size and color of external subtitles?